15 Jul 2015

Bento Lunch Box for Adults, Part IV / Otona no Obento 大人のお弁当 IV

...continued from previous post - Here -.

In this entry, my bento lunch boxes are more on sandwiches, bread, western food et al. Sandwich option is indeed faster and more convenient to cope. We are talking about in the rush morning and you want to sleep until the very last minute as possible. lol Again, some Japanese styled bento-s are shared here too, for those who are really into rice. Yeap, I have friends said they must eat rice.

- Inner half-cooked soft omelette plus multi-seeded rye bread slices spreaded with thick cream cheese.

- Luncheon meat and cucumber salad sandwiches.
Lightly pan-fry a slice of luncheon meat.
Dice cucumber, sprinkle some salt, mix and its access water squeezed, stir in some Japanese-styled mayonnaise.
Take 3 slices of sandwich bread stacking luncheon meat & cucumber into layers. Remember to spread some butter over the bread slices that sandwiching cucumber salad, as cucumber salad can be washy in extended time.

- Wholemeal bread sandwiched with beef patty, emmental cheese and lotsa fresh salad leeaves.

- Toasted mayo tuna triangles with chicken nuggets and grapes.

- French toasts but using baguette pan frying with beaten egg, sugar and evaporated milk. Along side with beans and poached mixed veges.

- Butter corn, pan-fried dill salmon on a bed of mayo salad.
Marinate salmon fillet with olive oil, chopped fresh dill, salt & pepper. Pan-fry in the morning with a little bit of olive oil. Get a case of salad leaves (cut / tear), squeeze some mayo, arrange the dill salmon on top along with a cut of lemon.
Boil the corn in water for 15 minutes, spread with butter salt.

- Blueberry walnut muffins.

- Spaghetti Bolognese.

- Chicken breasts, capsicum, black olives, penne pasta salad in Japanese sesame sauce & parmesan cheese.

- Black sesame onigiri-s with cocktail sausages and homemade fish balls, and butter potato salad as side.

- Salmon fillet, furikake infused tamagoyaki, and hijiki no nimono. I am a huge fan of hijiki.

- Karage chicken bento with poached broccoli and red capsicum. The tsuke-mono in the middle is takuan.

- Gobo ごぼう・牛蒡 onigiri-s, grapes and Japanese grapefruit.

- Mushroom / shiitake - lotus root / renkon - fried tofu / aburaage no nimono, pan-fried meat cake, and rice bento with takuan slices.

- Chinese fried rice. Fried rice is always practical whenever you have leftover rice.

How's that, huh? Hope my posts can inspire ya some ideas for preparing bento lunch box. And, I repeat, these bento-s are not solely for adults, many can cater for kids as well, you just make them a little "cuter" and more playful in theme. lol

Happy cooking.

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