12 Aug 2013

Chicken Karaage / Tori no Kara-age 鶏の唐揚げ

Japanese styled fried chicken bites, or “tori no kara-age”, is one of the very basic Japanese dishes you can always prepare at home. Tori (鳥・鶏) refers to bird in general, but in short also refers to niwa-tori (にわとり・鶏) which means chicken. Kara-age (唐揚げ・空揚げ) in fact means “empty-fry” literally.

I confess, I don’t usually cook chicken karaage though it is very easy and simple. Me, I normally and I love my fried chicken with tons of spices which in terribly strong spicy taste. I will make it in another entry on the blog for that when I have time.

But, to my understanding, lots of Japanese guys just love chicken karaage. So, nothing to lose to learn how to make this; for your BF, your husband, your little boy(s), your family and so forth. Ok, this is how I do my chicken karaage.

Chicken Karaage / Tori no Kara-age・鶏の唐揚げ
2 chicken thighs / drumsticks
3/4 TBsp shouyu (Japanese light soy sauce)
1 tsp mirin
1/2 tsp sesame oil
1/2 TBsp beaten egg
2 1/2 TBsp flour (half potato starch half plain flour, or all potato starch, or a combination of rice flour-plain flour-potato starch, with optional: tiny pinch of baking powder added) 
cooking oil for deep-fry
2 lemon wedges
Servings: 2

1. Trim and de-bone cleaned chicken, remove tendons. Wrap-dry chicken with kitchen paper towel. Cut into bite-size. 
2. Marinade chicken with shouyu, mirin, sesame oil and beaten egg for 30 minutes.
3. Heat oil over medium-high heat. Mix in flour mixture to the marinated chicken. Immediately deep-fry chicken bites into hot oil. Use chopsticks to overturn/flip the chicken bites frying till golden brown evenly and cooked through.
4. Use a strain to retrieve chicken karaage. Continue to heat the oil.
5. Return the chicken karaage into hot oil for a short fry for a crisp finish. Retrieve and transfer them onto oil adsorption paper.
6. Serve warm on two individual plates with a slice of lemon wedge each. Enjoy immediately.

It is a basic one emphasis on shouyu flavour. For variations, for examples, add in either ginger juice/paste, garlic paste, ground white pepper, paprika, or other spices to marinate with the chicken, mix sesame seeds into the flour mixture, replace cooking oil with butter, and so on.

Serve the chicken karaage with rice with other vege side dishes for a complete meal. Not to forget, include them into obento lunch box, or maybe, for picnic and etc occasions. Oh yea, the tori no kara-age is a very good company to beer too.

Happy cooking. Sore jaa. Mata ne.

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