20 Jul 2013

Potato Rosti with Cheese and Herb

Rosti is a classic Swiss dish about pan-fried, or sometimes baked, coarsely grated potatoes. Think hash brown; it is golden brown crust also, but inner is moister, fluffier, flavourful and savory.

I first encounterred the rosti at a Swiss food chain-restaurant at The Curve, PJ. Also, bought some frozen one from Ikea before. But hey why don’t I try to make my own rosti at home, I thought the other day. So, I went and read a couple of basic potato rosti recipes on the net. And this was my interpretation.

Potato Rosti with Cheese and Herb
4 (450 g) medium waxy potatoes
2 TBsp chopped yellow onion
2 TBsp grated cheese (I used Emmental cheese)
1/2 TBsp fresh thyme, chopped + extra fresh thyme for garnish
salt and pepper
sour cream
Servings: 2 ~ 3 as side dish

Wash potatoes, add fresh water just covering them in a pot, bring to boil and boil for about 10 minutes. Drain. Lid on, heat to evaporate the moisture inside the pot. Remove from heat. Peel the potatoes. Put into the fridge to cool them down. Coarsely grate or shred the potatoes.

Meantime, over medium heat stir-fry chopped onion with a bit of butter till soften and fragrant, season with salt and pepper.

Mix together the grated potatoes, onion, grated cheese, chopped fresh thyme and a large pinch of salt. (A pair of chopsticks comes in handy here.)

Heat 1.5 Tbsp of butter over medium low heat on a non-stick pan. Retrieve half of the melted butter. Pour the potato-cheese-herb into the pan, give a few turns & stirs to the potatoes, then set into a round shape, shake frying pan occasionally.

When the back turns golden brown and somewhat crispy, overturn a heat resistance plate on the potato, overturn the pan to drop the rosti onto the plate. Return the potate rosti back to the frying pan from the plate so as to pan-fry the other side. Round the pan with the balance half of the melted butter. Pan-fry it till golden brown.

Remove from heat and transfer on a plate. Garnish with extra fresh thyme. Serve immediately.

Have the potato rosti with a dollop of sour cream. Complete the meal with salad, chops and steaks, and etc main dish.

Happy with the result. It tasted so good. Even I kept some balance in the fridge and then re-pan-fried it the next day also very delicious still. Really urge me wanna make more. I mean, something different from our day-to-day M'sian food. 

I particularly chose fresh thyme and Emmental cheese on my this very first attempt, but love to venture other variations soon too. Bye for now. 

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