24 May 2013

Japanese Curry Rice / Kare Raisu カレーライス

Indian curries and Southeast Asian curries serve everywhere in Malaysia, I can enjoy them like almost everyday. However, once in a while I will cook Japanese curry, which is very different. Japanese curry is on much sweeter side and fruitier in taste.

Curry, in Japanese pronunciation as KARE- (karee, “re~” is long sounded), is real popular in Japan: to top on white rice, udon, tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlet) & etc. And kare raisu カレーライス, i.e. the curry rice, turns up regularly in home-cook for Japanese families. They always use instant curry roux. So, fairly easy. This is how I do it at home that I wanted to share it here for long.

Japanese Curry Rice / Kare Raisu ・ カレーライス
150 g beef, bite-size cubed
1 (110 g) potato, peeled & cubed
1/2 (80 g) carrot, small rolling wedged
1 (80 g) red onion, peeled & cubed
3 small blocks (55 g / ¼ packet of House Java Curry) Japanese instant curry roux, chopped
1/2 TBsp cooking oil
2.25 ~ 2.5 cups water

2 bowls cooked Japanese rice
Servings: 2

1. In a wok/saucer pan, heat cooking oil over medium heat, sauté onion till soften, add in potatoes sauté till edges a bit browned, sauté in carrots, and then beef till edges browned.

2. Add in water, turn up to medium high heat, bring to boil. Skim off foamy scum (refers to "aku-tori" アク取り, just skim off once would do). Covered, turn down to low heat, simmer for 20 ~ 25 minutes till potatoes soften.

3. Remove from heat. Add in chopped curry roux, stir to dissolve. Turn on to medium high heat, give some stirs, cook gravy till bubbly which takes about a minute or two. Remove from heat.

4. Top two plates of rice. Serve immediately.

For those who have a bigger appetite carving for more filling, no problem, just add one fried egg on top!! I can assure it can satisfy your hunger. ^.^)

I have been making this very basic beef kare raisu for years, and sometimes I do cook it with boneless chicken thigh as well as the soft-bone pork ribs. Besides the basic, add half a teaspoon of instant coffee, or cocoa powder but not really both, would enhance a deeper flavour on the curry. I learnt it from watching J-animes in fact!! lol

Some families love to sprinkle some aonori (green seaweed bits) on the rice too. Other thinker: sprinkle some lightly toasted almond flakes on the rice side. Steal this idea during my visit to Hokkaido. They served super delicious almond flakes white rice with curry soup.

Try different ideas. Enjoy your cooking. Sore, jaa.

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Update: 10.06.2013
Made today the variation of Japanese kare raisu with pork ribs, instant coffee added, and topped the rice with some toasted almond flakes.

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A version with chicken breasts and cocoa powder added.

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