18 Oct 2012

Egg Mayo Bites

I got some water crackers which indicated on its packet: to serve with good cheese. I had it plain with just some camembert as well as with brie earlier and I was wondering can it be turned into some cocktail bites.

Days ago, I tried to test making into a light finger food that meant for a tea snack, as well as for casual parties and gatherings. Seems pretty tasty, so I decided to put it up here.

Egg Mayo Bites
8 water crackers
1 hard boiled egg
3 green olives (in jar), diced small
1” red capsicum, diced small
1 dried apricot, diced small
1/3 piece processed cheese, diced
1 sprig flat-leaf parsley, chopped finely
a big squeeze of Japanese styled mayonnaise
pinch of salt
dash of coarse black pepper

- In a bowl, mash the hard boiled egg with a fork.
- Reserve a little bit of each green olives, red capsicum, apricot, and parsley for garnish. Mix the balance to the mashed egg, mix in also the cheese, a big squeeze of mayonnaise and salt & pepper.
- Spoon the mayo egg on top of the water crackers. Garnish with the remaining diced ingredients. Serve and enjoy.

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