18 Sep 2012

Spiral Mooncake 螺旋酥月餅

Days ago, finally made the flaky spiral mooncakes, also known as the Teochew mooncakes. Out of the few recipes that learnt from chef Alex Goh, I made this one the last. I was rather worried as I’m new to Chinese pastry. With a bit of  cautious and a bit of stress, I spent quite some time during the process. Definitely not very easy for me, but luckily it turned out alright. Phew…

My mum dislikes adding food colouring, so I tried to minimize it. Do note that chef did some more colourful ones. I used ready made pandan lotus seed paste that bought from bakery ingredients store, added with some toasted melon seeds and wrapped in half a salted egg yolk.

Spiral Mooncake  螺旋酥月餅
~ Flaky spiral mooncake pastry with fillings of melon seeded pandan lotus seed paste & half salted egg yolk
yield: 14 mini mooncakes

I’m happy with the result. This spiral mooncake as a whole tastes less-sweet, as the flaky pastry skin in fact doesn't taste much but it contras off the sweet lotus paste. I tried to have it light warm as well as being chilled, both also lovely to me.

Now, only left 3 in my fridge. The rests, all sent out to my parents, my bro and my aunt.

Think I should stop making mooncakes for this year round but my mum still asks me to make somemore plain mooncake biscuits. Hmmm…

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