29 Sep 2012

Green Tea Snow Skin Mooncake 綠茶冰皮月餅

Just made these lovely Green Tea Snow Skin mooncakes. This is my first time making snow skin, and this will be my last batch of mooncake in this year’s Mid Autumn Festival.

It is an adaption after reading several snow skin recipes, i.e. from Aunty Yochana, Amy Beh @ Kuali.com, as well as Alex Goh’s. All the credits to them. I added some maccha powder into the pastry.

In the beginning, I divided the pastry into 6 but it seemed pretty hard to wrap the filling. Thank god I immediately changed my mind to make only 5 pieces. If not, I think the skin will gonna crack exposing the lotus paste before I could mould it.

Green Tea Snow Skin Mooncake  綠茶冰皮月餅
100 g kow flour (cooked glutinous rice flour)
20 g cooked corn flour
85 g icing sugar
35 g shortening
120 g cold water
1/2 TBsp Japanese maccha powder
515 g lotus paste
15 g toasted melon seeds
Yeild: 5

A real delightful result. I’m so glad that the dual lotus paste appearing in two layers which exactly what I wanted. The Japanese maccha green tea gave it a beautiful natural colour. The skin is soft like marshmellow.


Anyway, bit guilty that I really took too much of mooncakes this year. >”<)

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!! 中秋節快樂!!

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