20 Sep 2012

Enoki Bacon Roll

I got this idea from a Japanese restaurant that serves rolled enoki with beef belly and topped with some Japanese-styled sauce. Went back home I made my very own ones.

Enoki Bacon Roll
50 g root-trimmed enoki mushroom (2/3 small packet)
4 bacon streaks
some ponzu (Japanese citrus vinegar mixed with shouyu)
a bit of cooking oil

1. Further divide enoki mushroom into 4 bundles. Dip each bundle with some ponzu vinegar. Roll each enoki bundle tightly with a piece of bacon, and secure it with toothpick.

2. On medium high heat, heat a frying pan with a little bit of oil. Pan-fry the bacon till lightly browned and fragrant.

3. Serve immediately with rice or as side-dish.

Super simple yet delicious.

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