31 Aug 2012

Shanghai Mooncake 中秋上海月餅

Heard that the so-called “Shanghai mooncake” is not from Shanghai but in fact originated here in Malaysia by Oversea Restaurant back in the early ‘80s. I rather rare taking them actually. Nevertheless I made some shanghai mooncakes since I learn a recipe from Alex Goh which some chopped walnut is added to the pastry.

I bought the yam lotus paste from bakery ingredient store instead of cooking it myself. (Yes, I cheated. >"<) The original recipe calls for smaller in size. I made them bigger and I added half a salted duck egg yolk within. (Since Chef Alex is currently conducting his mooncake baking classes, not detailing the recipe here now. Join his baking class.)

Mid Autumn Shanghai Mooncake 中秋上海月餅
~ Shanghai mooncake pastry with fillings of melon seeded yam lotus paste & half salted egg yolk
yield: 10

It was quite easy to make, since I used the ready made lotus paste. The pastry skin was crumbly, tasted good, but rather vulnerable to hold them after cutting. Maybe I beat the butter and the margarine more than required. Anyway, we enjoyed them with jasmine Chinese tea.

Seems that my family took a bit too much of mooncakes recently. Mid Autumn festival is still one month ahead! ^.^)

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