25 Aug 2012

Ramen at Menya Musashi (麺屋武蔵)

Not an expert but I have tried quite some ramen (read as raamen, “ra~” is long sounded) types in Japan: shouyu 醤油, miso 味噌, shio , tonkotsu 豚骨, fish based broth, tsukemen つけ麺; Hakata-style 博多, Sapporo 札幌, with mentaiko 明太子, with butter, with corn, and etc.

I didn’t really fancy those J-ramens in Malaysia, as not really so authentic tasted. Luckily, a recently openned Ramen shop called Menya Musashi 麺屋武蔵 at Isetan, One Utama, in May can satisfy my ramen fix. The main shop of this Menya Musashi ramen chain is located at Shinjuku, Tokyo.

I brought my mum to Menya Musashi on Sunday but disappointed that Isetan was closed due to Hari Raya holidays. Yesterday evening, Candle suggested to accompany me for the ramen that I missed days ago.

Menya Musashi offers three types of soup-base, “shiro” ( white, the onion oil), “kuro” ( black, special deep-fried onion oil plus charcoal garlic oil), and “aka” ( red, house made ra-yu chili oil), and also tsukemen. Cooks and kitchen staff are from Japan. They are energetic and cheery. All assistants are attentive. Atmosphere, thumbs up. With many rounin wall pictures, and various weapons sort of decorative lamps, it really suits “Musashi” swordsmen Feudal period theme.

On the first visit, I tried their tsukemen. Tsuke is to dip. Eating tsukemen is simply picking up some amount of noodles with chopsticks, dip with the served thicken soup before eating. Just like how you eat soba 蕎麦 or maybe soumen そうめん. Best for hot summer. Their tsukemen is not bad (*whisper* but still can’t beat my most favourite one at Shinagawa.), which the soup base is on the salty side with some lard cubes floating within. Definitely for oink oink lovers. Then on another time, I tried their Kuro no Ajitama (black soup base ramen with flavoured egg). It was awesome!! I swore I would come back for their Aka one. So, here I am.

Candle orderred the Kuro no Ramen.

I took Aka no Ajitama Ramen.

The soup was thick and bold. Delicious. For such broth, you can tell it took hours and hours to boil the bones. Noodles wise was springy, not too soft, no strong food lye flavour which normally found on the usual yellow noodles. The seasoned egg ajitama is on the sweet side which really suit my taste; its outer like hard boiled but inner like half-boiled. Not bad really. The ramen served generously with loads of spring onions, menma and a big piece of pork cha-shu. Menma メンマ (fermented bamboo shoots) were on the sweet side only very mild fermented smell, the kind that I like. Cha-shu was tender soft.

Candle said her kuro one was very tasty. She even finished up all the soup! She will come back for some rice. I said this is a ramen-ya, a ramen shop. But she saw other people munching the side-dish rice, very tempting she said. It was a Friday night. We saw patrons coming in, have a bowl, and go, non stopped.

In the end, we went home real satisfied.

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