28 Aug 2012

Mixed Nuts Mooncake 中秋伍仁月餅

I went to Alex Goh’s mooncake baking class for the main purpose of learning his mixed nuts mooncake. This is because I have a mixed nuts mooncake maniac mum. Mr. Alex is still conducting his class currently, so not detailing the recipe here (maybe later...).

Mid-Autumn Mixed Nuts Mooncake 中秋伍仁月餅
~ Cantonese mooncake pastry with mixed nuts and kernels filling
yield: 7

Apart from the mooncake biscuits I baked earlier, this is my very first time of making mooncake. It was a breeze. I followed the recipe without any problem. I did a bit of modification. I used soft brown sugar instead, hoping it would be less-sweet. I cut down the candied winter melon and kaffir leaves but increased on cashew nuts.

I told my mum it is advised to leave aside cantonese pastry mooncakes for 4 days before consuming where the pastry skin to become soften (回油). My mum rounded her eyes, "Wait 4 days? NO WAY!", and insisted on to cut one right away. Excuse my cutting fault: it broke a bit over the edge as it is still kinda crispy not long after baking.

The mixed nuts mooncake tasted really awesome. So, I have an overjoyed mum! I promised her to bake another batch maybe a month later.

x        x        x

Update: can't wait for one month, just three weeks after, I made the 2nd batch due to overwhelmed reception. This batch used soft brown sugar also but I cut 1/5 down, and cut half of the candied winter melon, while used more cashew nuts than walnuts.

Let see they can last till the day of mid autumn festival or not...

x        x        x

My mixed nuts mooncakes from the batch on 10/08/2013 using syrup my own. Though a year after from my first learning, but I can tell my skill has improved. It tasted awesome as well.


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    1. Hi. Thanks for reading.
      Chef Alex Goh gives mooncake baking classes every year.
      Not for me to disturb people "cari makan". Hope you understand.


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