26 Aug 2012

Mid Autumn Mooncake Biscuits 中秋公仔餅

Made some fish shaped mid autumn mooncake biscuits. The fish-shape mould is old-fashioned giving ya a traditional feel. It is actually belonged to my mum more than a decade ago, which I doubt she has even ever used it.

I went to Alex Goh’s mooncakes baking class. Chef Alex is awesome as always. Before I started making my first mooncake, I thought I should attempt on some plain mooncake cookies first for a mere practice. It was an instant success. I’m not going to list the detailed recipes of Alex’s mooncakes (not just yet, maybe much later…), as he is currently conducting the classes. Join his baking class.

Mid Autumn Mooncake Biscuits 中秋公仔餅
batch I
~ plain Cantonese mooncake pastry with toasted melon seeds
yield: 11 

These homemade mid autumn mooncake cookies were yummy. My sister in law and my little nephew really love it. My mum made me to bake the second batch!

x        x        x

Mid Autumn Mooncake Biscuits 中秋公仔餅
batch II
~ Cantonese mooncake pastry with fillings of yam lotus paste & toasted melon seeds
yield: 16

Again, these fishes disappeared one by one real fast. I think I might have to make a third batch.

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