10 Jun 2012

Wholemeal Oats Honey Sourdough Bread

Came across a nice recipe from HomeJoys blog, which suggests can be worked for a free formed loaf as well as adding humidity while baking.

I attempted its one-third recipe yesterday Saturday afternoon. I reduced a little bit of both starter and water, also did some measurement rounding up for my easy weighing.

Wholemeal Oats Honey Sourdough Bread
150 g sourdough starter
130 g bread flour
120 g wholemeal flour
30 g rolled oats
75 g milk
35 g water
1 TBsp olive oil
2 TBsp honey
3/4 tsp salt
- autolyse: 20 minutes
- hand-kead: 14 minutes
- 1st proof: 2.5 hours
- fold
- shape
- 2nd proof: 2 hours
- score
- bake: 200°C for 30 minutes (15 minutes with steam, 15 minutes without steam); off oven 5 minutes with door ajar.

-cool before slice and enjoy ~ Wholemeal Oats Honey Sourdough Bread

By the time I finally got my bread for dinner, it was already over 9 pm! I totally forgot about it should be a sweet honey bread but preparing some bacon and cheese for savory sandwiches. I was just too hungry and didn't bother. Anyway, the bread was delicious with soft crumb.

This morning, I went with butter and jam along with my two cups of coffee. The wholemeal and oats making it rather filling, just one piece was enough for me as breakfast.

For the next time, I would reduce the honey to 1 TBsp while allowing more proofing time: probably 3 hours for the 1st-proof and 2.5 hours for the 2nd-proof.

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