17 Jun 2012

Ochazuke お茶漬け

Ochazuke, or simply chazuke, is a simple bowl of rice with tea. To me, ochazuke is a kind of healing food. Light, relaxing and comforting. No kidding, I probably prepare various ochazuke-s a hundred times. It requires nearly no cooking skill.

I will make sure to have some small amount of grilled or pan-fried fish. A packet of pre-packaged toppings and seasonings, i.e. the instant chazuke. By the way, my ultimate favourite is Nagatanien's 'sake chazuke' (salmon tea-rice). Sometimes I would just sprinkle some furikake instead, or maybe some toasted sesame only. And lastly, a large cup of hot hot ocha green tea.

Super easy.

Ochazuke ・お茶漬け
a bowl of cooked Japanese rice
1.25 cup hot Japanese green tea  (by 1 tsp of green tea leaves or 1 tea bag)
1/2 fillet salmon, pinch of salt rubbed
1 packet instant chazuke
Serving: 1

- Lightly grill, or lightly pan-fry with a little bit of oil, both sides of the salmon. Use chopsticks and tear only the flesh apart. Discard the skin.

- Place salmon flakes onto the rice. 

- Tear off the chazuke packet, sprinkle the mix on top.

- Lastly, pour in hot green tea from the side of the bowl. Enjoy immediately!

Other than Japanese rice, I confess I do use other types of white rice. Also, I do served it with local fishes too, such as grouper fillet, kembong (chubb mackerel), ikan merah (red snapper) & etc. Important to keep in mind that: must ensure to separate all the fish bones out! And the key point is still the hot ocha. Anyway, you can add some dashi (bonito stock) if you want, but I'll just stick to green tea.

This is an example of ochazuke I did with local rice and local fish.

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