11 May 2012

my must-see bands list

Many music bands have no interests, or perhaps, are totally neglecting this South East Asia market. We are no America. We are no Europe. We are no Japan-Korea-HK-Tw as well. We are like…nobody. As if they can’t find us on a globe.

Over the years, you can find only a small handful of bands that are willing to come down to this region. Even if they embark here, they would most likely skipping M’sia stop that has bunch of restrictions and loads of official guidelines to meet. What…to brave permit cancellation risks, bans & fine, losing venue & other bookings' deposits,….and all sort…conflicts. All I can say: as a music lover enjoying gigs and live concerts, living in M’sia is a nightmare. How sad. It’s utterly frustrating.

That’s why I always admire + envy people who can easily access to band gigs and music festivals. Lucky you.

I have many bands that wish to see, but this is my Top “Must See” Bands list! Some bands are laying in my list for long, and have disbanded, some in hiatus, and yet I still have no chance to go for at least one show. *sobs*

Bands             (Lives attended so far)
Glay                         ( 3 )
Joy Division
L’Arc~en~Ciel           ( 1 )
Luna Sea
Placebo                    ( 3 )
Suede                       ( 1 )
The Cure
The Flaming Lips
... ... ... and many others.

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