9 Apr 2012

Nabemono 鍋物

Steamboat or hot pot is best to enjoy with family or with friends, sitting around chatting while eating. But how about, alone by yourself, wanna make some favourite ingredients to simmer in a pot? No problem. Wanna try a Japanese styled one? 大丈夫、簡単だから、今すぐ作りましょう。

Just select a combination, for e.g. seafood with vege, chicken or beef with vege, with or without miso, with or without udon or maybe noodles, or, perhaps make it just like oden, or even sukiyaki type. There are so many varieties and options.

I always buy mixed fishcakes / yong-tau-foo from pasar malam (night market) & make this, and I usually dilute a tbsp of creamer powder to it! No joking! Cause I once tasted a fantastic creamy Japanese oden. I tried also another odd oden with soya milk, but not to my likings.

To prepare nabemono is super easy. Show here based on what were available in my fridge. Feel free to experiment your own mix. This is for 1 serving, times 2 for two.

Nabemono 鍋物
5 assorted fish balls & fishcakes
1 hard boiled egg
1/3 pack organic smooth tofu / silken tofu
1/2 packet shimeji mushroom, cut the end lower part   [alternately: enoki mushroom]
1/2 packet shirataki, rinse twice, drain well   [alternately: 1/4 block konnyaku]
2 leaves Chinese cabbage (which tastes “sweeter”) (I'd golden Chinese cabbage), cut 1.25” wide
4 baby corns   
2” carrot, sliced
1¼ cup water  +  1/8 to 1/7 cup tsuyu stock*
1 tsp ryori-shu / Japanese cooking wine # 
1 tsp mirin / sweet cooking sake #
Serving: 1

1. Add water, tsuyu stock, mirin & hard boiled egg into a claypot, heat & bring to boil. (It works well on a portable stove.)

2. Arrange and place all the ingredients into the pot, whereby longer time cooked ones to add first (shirataki, fishcakes, …), those easier cooked to add last (especially smooth tofu, do add last).

3. Bring the pot to boil, simmer just a minute or two, once cooked add the wine. Turn down the heat if on portable stove. Turn off the heat if of gas stove. Enjoy.

* - tsuyu comes in different thickness. Dilute tsuyu as per bottle’s instruction. My tsuyu reads: “nabemono, 1:9”, i.e. for nabemono 1 part of tsuyu 9 parts of water. Or else, make your own dashi (bonito broth).
# - ignore me using raisins cooking wine & brown sugar in the picture, best stick to ryuri-shu & mirin.

I like to eat nabemono while watching TV. lol Actually, my most favourite item is white radish / daikon, which needed to simmer around 30 minutes with the stock first then only add in the rests. My least favorite is konbu seaweed.

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Update:  For this one, I made the konbu & bonito dashi stock myself, added with a bit of shouyu, Japanese cooking wine, and salt. One pot items that I picked were thinly sliced pork, squid balls, crab stick, fried fish cake fu chuk, konnyaku, shimeji mushroom, shiitake mushroom, cloud ear fungus, onion, carrot & spring oinon. And, served with ponzu citrus vinegar as the dipping sauce.

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