23 Mar 2012

Sourdough Rye Buns

Ultimate springy, chewy & flavourful. Simply love these sourdough rye buns. Baked it quite a few times, & I made it again last night. This nice recipe is from Alex Goh, and ingredients here are in half-recipe.

Sourdough Rye Buns
135 g Bread Flour
18 g Rye Flour       (I used 20 g)
10 g Sugar              (used 1 TBsp Brown Sugar)
2.5 g Salt                (used 1/3 tsp)
1 g Instant Yeast    (used 1/3 tsp)
75 g Levain
8 g Golden Syrup   (used 1/2 TBsp Honey)
80 g Cold Water     (used 75 g)
25 g Walnuts          (used 30 g)
20 g Raisins            (used 30 g)

optional: some extra rye flour for dusting/coating

- Alex’s directions are about using dough mixer to mix tilll the dough which able to pull to a thin membrane. This was my-take by hand-knead:

Refresh sourdough starter & leave it on the counter for at least 8 hours (I set aside for 12 hours).

Coarsely chop walnuts. Add 1 tsp of water to raisins (just to moisten). Set aside.

In a mixing bowl, mix all ingredients (A). Add all ingredients (B) to the (A) & mix into a rough dough.

Transfer the rough dough to a lightly floured surface. Hand knead till elastic (I kneaded for 15 minutes). Knead in (C) walnuts & raisins.

With a lightly oiled hand, form the dough to round & place onto lightly oiled mixing bowl. Cover. Let rise for 1 to 1.5 hour in a warm place. Press a finger into the dough, if the mark remains, that means the dough has risen sufficiently and it is ready.

Gently punch down & press out the air. Fold in thirds twice. Round up to a ball.

Divide into 7 equal portions & mould round. /Optional: Brush with water & coat with some rye flour.**
/ Place them onto a greased & lined baking tray.

Place in a warm place for second rise for 1 hour or until double in size. (I slided it inside a closed oven with a big bowl of hot boiling water.)

At middle rack, bake at 190°C in a pre-heated oven for 13 minutes (I baked 15 minutes). Remove from oven, bang the tray on the counter for easy release.  

Transfer the buns to wire rack to cool. Enjoy.

I like my sourdough bread serves light warm. Even on the 2nd day, I would just toast it up awhile. These sourdough rye buns, just simply eat it on its own, or spread it with butter & marmalade, or just with creamy peanut butter. YUM!

P/S: ** The recipe above is for butter-less and/or egg-less rye buns. Alternately, egg wash or brush the top with milk after the 2nd rise before baking, or, rub with butter right after baking. Below would be the effect of butter top rubbed which I made on another occasion.

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