17 Mar 2012

Honey Oatmeal Bread

Last Sunday, I baked my very first oatmeal bread. Taken from the book “The World of Bread” by Alex Goh p.128, I went for half recipe, and fit a small loaf pan. Alex wrote towards to those who own a dough mixer calling to knead till you can pull an amount of dough to thin membrane. I got no dough mixer. This was my take by hand-knead:-

Honey Oatmeal Bread
Sponge Dough
160 g bread flour
1 tsp instant yeast
90 mil cold water*
Main Dough
40 g rolled oats
30 ml cold water*
3 g salt (I used 1/2 tsp)
12 ml honey (I used 1 TBsp)
12 g brown sugar (I used 1 TBsp)
15 g butter

(*Recipe calls for cold water due to living in tropical country here.)

Prepare the Sponge Dough: mix all 3, bread flour, instant yeast & water. Set aside for 3 hours. (see the sponge dough after 3 hours below.)

When the sponge dough is ready, work on the main dough. Mix water to the rolled oats. Add in salt, honey & brown sugar. In a large bowl, mix sponge dough with oats. Mix in butter to form a rough dough.

Transfer to floured surface and knead till elastic. (Dough is rather wet. I'm no good in handling high hydration dough. I added extra 4~5 TBsp bread flour and hand-kneaded it for 15 minutes to a smooth ball.)

Divide into 2. Form into balls. Rest for 10 minutes.

Use rolling pin, roll out flat to each ball. Roll the flat dough up (like Swiss roll).

Twist both rolls together & place it onto pre-greased loaf pan.

Let it rises for 45 minutes or till double sized in a warm place. (I placed in a closed oven with bowl of boiling water.)  (I taken it for granted and set the timing accordingly without checking the rise. It rose too fast, way more than double that I wanted, and much exceeded the rim! I should monitor & keep an eye on it.)

Spray top with water. Sprinkle some rolled oats onto the top.

Baked 190°C for 30 minutes. Rotate if necessary. (My oven browned quite fast. I placed a foil on top during the last 10 minutes. I baked for 28 mins.)

Immediately remove bread from pan & cool on wire rack.

Oh, the bread was soft. Except my careless bit over-rise issue, I like the taste a lot. Will definitely make again.


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