13 Mar 2012


The beginning of the beginning.

I had not been baking for years. Now I have a little kitchen & my very own oven, it's a wonderful starting point to enjoy my cooking and baking adventures. Out of tons and tons recipes out there, which are a keeper which are not, the best way is: you try it and you justify it yourself.

I usually took a few pictures along the process, so that I can re-check what I have done, where went wrong or something. A few friends saw the photos & suggested me to blog them up. And...here I am. As an amateur baker, hope I can learn more & share with ya my passions.

Firstly, to go with a glimpse of my recent bakes here:
 custard cookies
 almond crisp
 baked macaroni
 rosemary chicken
 white bread

Also, some of my cookings:
this one, I served for my family gathering: two types of onigiri, two salads, & black pepper bbq chicken fillet & etc.
lamb chop

Am ready to post more.

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