29 Apr 2010

Stereophonics live in Kuala Lumpur, 28.04.2010

[old post. repost fm myspace.]

Stereophonics Keep Calm and Carry On Tour, KL Live @ Life Centre, 28.04.2010

Welsh rock band, Stereophonics

Kelly Jones

Adam Zindani

Richard Jones 

Just imagine yourself Javier Weyler was there right behind of Kel. >"<) Cause the whole night Kel was in this position right in front of me blocking Javier!

"Mary is my bright red star..." It's beautiful.

The Setlist:
1. Live 'n' Love
2. A Thousand Trees
3. More Life In A tramp's Vest
4. I Got Your Number
5. Superman
6. Doorman
7. Pick A Part That's New
8. Uppercut
9. Stuck in a Rut
10. Mr Writer
11. Maybe Tomorrow
12. Innocent
13. Have A Nice Day
14. Traffic
15. My Own Worst Enemy
16. Trouble
17. Could You Be The One
18. Devil
19. Bright Red Star
20. (Caravan) Just Looking
21. Local Boy In The Photograph
22. She's Alright
23. The Bartender And The Thief
24. Dakota

I got Rich's pick! Weeeee!

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